Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Services for the homelss,

During those cold days of winter most of us have homes we can stay warm in, but those days are very hard on the homeless as they have no homes. A cold day can be very hard on them, even to the point where they can end up freezing to death. I know when i was homeless it was very hard to keep warm even in the car. This blog post will covered places that hopefully you can get help for them to stay warm in. I am some groups on Facebook that try to help the homeless and those in need too. I came across a service while i was looking through it and it's for the Ky area of the 859 area code.There is a picture below too. So if you see a homeless in need be sure to call them to get a homeless person some help.

  I  am  looking  around    for  other  services  that  helps  in  this  fashion  too  as  i am  working  on writing  this  blog  post.  I  feared  that  there  might  not  be  other  services  of  this  kind  although.  So  i   took   it  one  step  further  by  providing  a  how  to  link   from  homeless  support  website.  When  dealing  with  a  problem  it  comes  in  handy  knowing  who  to  talk  to.  Mayors  of  states  and  cities  are  often  who  want  to  get  in  touch  with.  Ge  friends  and  family  in  on  it.  The  more  people  you  have  in  on  it  the most  likely  you  will  be  at  getting  the  action  to  get  it  done.  below   is   the   link   to   the   website.  This  will  be  all  on  this  blog  post.



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