Thursday, January 7, 2016

A place in Nashville are making small homes for the homeless.

  When  you  think  of  micro  homes  you  think  of  a  small  house  being  to  small  to  lived  in.  Micro  homes  are  perfect  for  someone  that  are  homeless  to  have  a  roof  over  their  heads.  They  can  housed  about  two  people  and  they  can  provide  heat  too  if  you  use  a  solar  panel  on  the  roof.  Or  powered   a  small  microwave  to  feed  the  homeless   person or  people.  These  homes  can  be  built  from  free  wood  too  that  a  lot  of  places  just  tossed  away also.  Really  the  only  thing  that  is  needed  is  a  plot  of  land  like  a  empty  lot.  I  see  solutions  to  the  homeless  problems  all  the  time  as  vacant  land  plots  not  being  used,  or  old  buildings  that  have  been  empty  forever.  Society  can  be  very  wasteful  in  the  way  they  waste  their  resources.  Those  land  lots  can  be  used  for  micro  housing,  those  buildings  can  be  use to  house  the  homeless.  While  we  waste  resources   like that  homeless  people  suffered.  This  blog  post  talks  some  about  the  micror  houses.  they  are  also  known  as  tiny  houses  too.  For  those  that  might  want  to  read  more  about  them  check  the  link  out  below  here.

                                                                Tiny houses.

  Tiny  houses  are  much  better  then  tents  as  they  can  be  kept  warmer  on  the  inside.  Tiny  houses  were  big  back  in  2007  and  2008  as  people  were  starting  to  lose  their  homes  so  the  idea  have  been  used  before.  To  me  this  would  get  the  the  homeless  off  the  streets  so  they  would  be  safer  too.  You  can  always  find  a  empty  plot  of  land  that is  not  being  used  too.  I  see  them  all  the  time  as  i  am  driving  around.  Those  plots of  land  could  be  donated  to  make  a  living  area  for  the  homeless.  People  complain  about  seeing  them  sleeping  outside,  but  in  all  fairness  where  are  they  supposed  to  sleep  at when  homeless  shelters are not  around  or  they  are  filled  up?  Wouldn't  a  plot  of  land  fill  with  micro  houses  look far  better?  If   you  answer  yes  to  that  question  then  you  could  be  the  force  of  changed  that  is  needed to  make  it  the real  deal.  Blog  about  it,  make  videos  or  just  share  this  blog.  Get  it  out  there  so  people  with  the  wealth  and  power  will see  it.  This  blog  is  getting  the  hits,  but  not  nearly  enough  to  to  catch  the  eyes  of  those  in  power  yet.  People  that  i  would  loved  to  see  this  blogs  are  the  mayors  and  the  people  that  runs  the  cities  and  states.  To  make  a  different   i  need  the  attention  of  the  people  that  can  do  it.  If  we can  get  their  attention  we  can  plant  the  seeds  to  a  better  solution  for  the  homeless.  Us  working  together  we  can  do  the  impossible  to  make  it  possible.  Check  out  the  videos  below  to  see  some  of  the  micro  houses.


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    1. Hopefully it will catch on too,It's my hope that this blog takes off like a wildfire. Once that happens it's getting mail to people that can do something to make it happen too.