Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As Christmas gets closer you can’t help not to notice the world around you. The struggles of everyday people as they go about their lives. There are people out there that will not know the comforts of a home this year or a home cook Christmas meal, instead they will only feel the coldness of the weather, and the loneliness of not having those things. I know i spent almost threes years like that living in a auto while i was fighting to get my disability so i know how it feels. I wished it upon no one, it’s not the kind of life that no one should be living. And it’s the kind of thing that can be fixed too, each one of us can make a big difference in someone’s life, they do not have to go at it alone. Social sites like Facebook can make a big difference in society. If each of us was involved in the fight to end the problem it could blossomed into something really beautiful and meaningful too. The homeless people and the people in need would have a better life. There are billions of users on Facebook alone, this is not counting the other social sites out there. If each of those sites were more attuned to the needs of society we would have a powerful tool to help people out. We used social sites to get the word out on causes all the time, but we are only using a small amount of that powerful tool. Money that those people need to get out of their problems could be raised by those billions of people. Those billions of people working together could make lives better and it would cost so little too. A simple donation of one buck could turn into 100.000 of bucks, more then enough to better someone’s life. Homes could be brought for the homeless and money could be raised to assured that home owners would not become homeless. We see it everyday someone on Facebook trying to raised money to saved their homes. We might think of it as a scam to raised money. Maybe it is and maybe it’s not, if we do nothing and they end up homeless then we failed to prevent it. This note will talked about ways of helping those that needs it. See below my ideas on how to help people out.
 1. We have all seen that homeless person sitting outside on a hot or cold night. We may have thought i wished i could helped them. Well you can help them out, a gofundme page can be set up or another fund raising page. These pages can be set up by anyone too. This is a powerful tool that can raised the needed funds to help out someone. Once the goal of the fund is reached a check or some other method is used to send the money. The money can then be used to helped that homeless person. Rather it be to buy that homeless person a house or to rent them a house for a whole year so they can get back on their feet. It feels great doing good deeds too. That one good deed can changed someone’s life too, it can have a everlasting affect on both the homeless person and you. This idea has been done before too by a youtuber that i will linked here. The video is below here if want to see it.

  2. Setting up care package is another way of helping homeless people too. Care packages can be set up by buying things at any dollar store like dollar tree everything is only a buck there too. care packages would have things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet tissue, gloves, socks, hats, food that does not need to in frig or heated. Shampoo and body wash, you can even add fast food gift cards to it also. Care packages should have helpful items in it that will keep that person going so they do not lose hope. I will put some videos on this part up so you can have some useful ideas as to how to make care packages too. And lets not forget the fur babies too that homeless person might have they need to be taken cared of too. A great way to raised funds for care packages is to get yourself sponsors who can donate items or money for the items in the care packages. A lot of businesses will donate those items too all you have to do is asked.

 3. Donate your time to a soup kitchen as they are sometimes called. You can also donate food there too. Food is always needed to feed those in need or the homeless. Yo will have to look around in your areas to find them although. And of course we can’t forget the food banks too, those are places that pass out free food to the homeless and those in need too. They are a big help to the needy. I will post some of the videos that talks about them below. 4. Homeless care sheets. This is a list of places you can put together on sheets of paper that have a listing of places that can helped out those in need. A lot of times people have no idea that there are places out there that can helped them out. A listing of those places can be a great blessing to them. Be sure to have the address and phone numbers of those places so they can find them although.

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Being homeless Is a very scary thing. You never know If someone will mess with you In the middle of the night. Or If you gonna come across a bad cop that will make your life that much harder. But there are things that society can do to help the homeless and they are simple things too. And If you have a business then that Is even better. Because business can give to homeless shelters and other places that feeds the homeless. I know being homeless Is Is rough because me and my dad are homeless too. We have been homeless going on on over two years now and we know how the cops mess with the homeless. How people gawks at us like we are from another world. The simple truth Is that we are people just like you that have lost our jobs. My dad has income, but not enough to get us a roof over our heads yet. We sleep In a van where ever places will let us sleep. Our van Is below here I have a picture for you.
Having a van to sleep Is does not feel the same as having a roof over your head. For one thing people tend to be snooped and they will look In at you and stared at you like you have two heads. They do not care about your privacy and you have no privacy tinted windows do help. But you can still see them looking In on you. To me this Is just plain rude so you should not be doing that at all. After all would you want someone looking Into your window while you were asleep? On the up and up you do have good people that will slip money In through your windows every now and then. I call those people blessings because that Is what they are to me. Because the one thing you do not want to do Is run out of gas. You run out of gas and you cannot move your car. The cops will be more than happy to tow It not caring that you are using It as a sleeping area. Before we had the van I had a Geo Prizm that we use as a sleeping area. I will post the pictures to It below too. It got totaled by a guy going to fast In a head on collision. It was not a pretty sight. Me and my dad ended up having to sleep two nights on In the woods because of that. Below are the pictures of the Prizm and where we slept at In the woods.
About sleep In the woods that Is a scary thing to do because In the night you can feel things crawling all over you and you hear things moving In the middle of the night too. We had our dog to protect us although. But It's still not paradise. We slept In the woods behind a dollar general because cops tend to come through the woods looking for people that are sleeping In the woods.and at least In a car you can drive away. While In the woods you have no place to go really. Below you will find some pictures of me and my dad and our dog. I am the younger guy In the picture and he Is older.

  And now onto other things like the things that society can do to help out the homeless and other stuff. I will list as I come across them. But one of the main things Is food. Without food we would all died out. You can help out there by donating to places that feed the homeless and shelters them too. Places like Lifeline are a big help to us as they feed us and give us clothing and food. Without Lifeline we would be a world of hurt. I will provide you with the link with Lifeline In It so you can read more about them too. This place Is a blessing and they can use donations as In food,clothing and money. The link to the article with their link In It below. The website that had my article on lifeline went and closed their website down on me. So my article on them is gone as well most likely unless it's back up on my laptop. Which i might have but is doubtful, i did back up some of my stuff. 900 plus articles gone. o i decided to link their website and Facebook and Youtube channel below. These people are very kind hearted and friendly too. They provide free clothing and food for the homeless and needy. Their youtube channel have tons of videos on it to so you can see and hear what they are doing to help out people. See the links below to learn more about them.

lifeline website

lifeline Facebook page

lifeline YouTube channel

  Another really great Facebook  group  is  the  good  Samaritans, they help me out a lot during my homeless times. They are a really great group of people if you have access to the web.

The Good Samaritans

 The other thing that I notice people tend to do Is they call the cops on everything they see. Now why would you do that? Cops tend to bother the homeless more than helped them. And plus when you call on the homeless somewhere a crime Is being committed that cop could have taken care of. After all we are not committing a crime. The camping outlaw that they were not really a law and If you challenge them on It most of the time they will leave you alone.
  One other thing that really helps us out Is to not hate on us. You will be surprise at the amount of people that will try to start a fight with you. I mean really we are already down on our luck and you want to pound us into the ground because we are homeless and you think of us as dirt. Karma has a way paying people like that back and you may end us homeless one of these days too. So take that Into account If you are one of those people that like to bullied people like us. Well this Is all I have for now really. I will add more to It as I think of other stuff. Thank you for reading my stuff If you did for now.

 As I said I will be upgrading this blog from time to time so that It has the latest news and happenings on It. And I thought of something that I have not heard of In a long time. No ideal If anyone knows what a community garden Is or not. But It's a garden where everyone takes care of It. And In return you can pick the fruits and vegetables from It In return. When the fruits and vegetables run out you replant It with more seeds so there will be more for the next wave of people. It Is most of the time on the honor system meaning that you take the word of the person for It. This can be very helpful If you have a nice size piece of land that can be use grow the stuff on. The people just come In there and help out. I will be doing a article on this on my bubblew account which I will link here for everyone to see so check back on It In a day or so. Which will give me more time to research It. Pretty much all I have for now on that.

 Ok so It didn't take me a day to throw together an article on the garden ideal. Lol But If I am anything It Is the fact that I am resourceful. I threw together the garden ideal at the address below here and I even try to make my point on the homeless problem too In the article. I am gonna email the Florence city mayor this blog too so she she can see It also. Who knows maybe she will put some of my ideas to work and will see the fruition start to take fold around us. Nothing would make me more happy than to know that my labors of writing took roots and people are using the ideas that I write about to make life easier on the homeless. But the link to the garden ideal Is below here. The website i did my article went down for good. So my article went with it too. I am very sorry that this happen so i am going to place a video up on how to start up a community garden for the homeless and needy. I am going to have to fixed  this whole blog since all my article all 900 plus articles are gone. Please see the videos below on how to start up one of these gardens. 

Information on community gardens.

   When you are homeless getting a good night's sleep Is always very problematic for you. But It does not really have to be that way. Local businesses could let you sleep In their parking lots and have their own eyes on their business why they are home asleep. And this Is what this part of my blog Is about too. It's gonna be about how the local businesses big and small can help us out and have a extra set of eyes on their business at the same time too. I will list the benefits below here on how having an extra set of eyes can help the business owners out and help us to get a good night's sleep too. Well as good as we can get considering that we are living out of our cars and sleeping In the woods If we are unlucky enough to have a car or van.
 Now you might be thinking I do not want a bum as some calls us or homeless person sleeping In my parking lot over night. But pause your thinking right there and think about It. An extra set of free eyes on your business Is a very good thing. Because most homeless people have cell phones that they can call the police on or local law enforcement places. By having that person there you have protection from people that would mess your parking lot up our business. And plus they can pick up the place too before they go and leave helping you to maintain a clean parking lot making your business and parking lot pleasing to the eyes of your patrons. It Is a win win scene that helps the homeless person out and give them a place to sleep during the night. And If they happen to have a dog then that Is a even bigger plus too as the dog barking will scare off any would be thug away from your business.
 You could even leave a notice with the cops that you are there to watch their business and so that you can sleep too so that they will leave us alone and only come If they are called to do so. And even print up a contract with the homeless person too letting them know what they can and can't do. A very good business deal where both parties can be a winner. I will try to find a link to where someone Is talking about this so you can read more about It and see for yourself\. Hey maybe this homeless person Isn't so bad after all.
 I have looked online for a website that talks about this only to come up with none. But this Is a very good ideal and it pays off to for the business owner because he has no need for a cam on his lot. Me myself I have a cam that takes pictures and video. So that solves that problem right there for the business owners and most cams have blind spots too. But the eyes do not and can snap the videos for the person that owns the business that would most likely get the person that did the crime caught as he would be on video or has his pictures taken. This Is all I have for now. I am working on a section that will talk about how the homeless can be of service to the cops If they did not mess with the homeless people. But that will be a next time.

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